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Shanghai Tengxi has 40 patents for various inventions and utility models, 10 trademarks and a large number of test reports from National Certification Laboratories.

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Shanghai tengxi has structural reinforcement qualification / grade II anti-corrosion and waterproof qualification / FM4991 fire sealing qualification and FM4440 certification explosion relief gasket.

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Shanghai Tengxi Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. It is a professional manufacturer and contractor dedicated to the integration of risk control in the four fields of anti-explosion venting, fire protection, flood prevention and waterproofing. It provides services from design, sales, construction, maintenance Guarantee integrated turnkey service. Familiar with the relevant domestic and foreign regulations and the review focus of insurance consulting can help domestic and foreign companies improve the upgrade of risk control and effectively reduce the probability of risk. At the same time, in recent years, Shanghai Tengxi has also combined its own patented products with the experience of domestic engineering project application to participate in the compilation of relevant national standards and atlases. With the improvement of the specifications, the domestic market specifications are gradually on the right track. All the way’s foreign policy is infused with norms that can be referenced and applied. At present, the company has a registered capital of 20 million yuan, has 40 various invention and utility model patents, 10 trademarks and a large number of national certification laboratory test reports. In terms of professional subcontracting qualifications, the company has structural reinforcement qualification/secondary waterproof and anticorrosive insulation qualification/FM4991 fire-proof sealing contractor certification qualification and FM4440 certified explosion venting gasket products.



02 /27
17J911 "Commonly used data for architectural professional design" (implemented)
news 2020-02-27

17J911 "Common Data for Architectural Professional Design": This atlas is an excerpt and compilation of common data from various engineering building design standards. It is suitable for professional design, construction units, construction units and supervision units of national construction engineering.

02 /27
17J925-1 "Profiled metal plate building structure" (implemented)
news 2020-02-27

17J925-1 "Profiled metal plate building structure" finally released in 2020, this atlas is a revised atlas, replacing the original atlas 01J925-1 "Profiled steel plate, sandwich panel roof and wall building structure", 06J925 -2 "Profiled steel plate, sandwich panel roof and wall construction (2)", 08J925-3 "Profiled steel plate, sandwich panel roof and wall construction (3) Containing pressure aluminum alloy plate".